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AvatarRyan Cloutier

I am in a similiar situation except over 6 years into my injury still and I still haven’t recovered.

My advice:
1. Try avoid sitting as much as possible (atleast until you reverse your sittuation), sitting wrecks havick on your hip flexors
2. Get an Ultrasound to rule out soft tissue damage
3. Get an x-ray to look at the tracking and joint space
4. Buy a set of suction cups and start adding suctions cupping as one of your tools to self-myofascial release your tight muscles
5. Go see a chiro or osteopath to rule out pelvic, spine alignment issues and leg length discrepency.They can also work on aligning the body and help mobilizing tissue.
6. Do atleast 2 mobs a day
7. If possible find someone who can do electrically stimulated trigger point dry needling (electroacupuncture/PENS)
8. Try supplementing with Serrapeptase: its fibrolytic enzyme that decreases scar tissue in the body, helps with flexibility and inflammation. 
You say you corrected your anterior pelvic tilt? Congratulations. How did you manage to correct it within 1 month.