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Hey guys, 

One month later, I’m disappointed to report that there is still an issue, although I have learned a lot in the meantime and believe I am ultimately on the path to a more supple future. I’ve leaned towards thinking that the root problem is originating almost entirely upstream. I’ve been focusing a lot on solid neutral posture, not sitting so much, and implementing all of the mobility techniques in the arsenal. Here’s what I’ve discovered:
– Horrible standing posture, no glute activation, anterior pelvic tilt (for a very long period of time).
*Have corrected.

– Right glute & hip flexors were frozen & tacked down; glute contraction was vastly different from the left (almost non existent on the right), could not generate torque on the right side.
*Have made improvement, can now generate torque and I’m feeling the R glute. Still feels slightly inhibited.

– Bouts of extreme rectus femurs tightness.
*Hammered the quads, TFL, adductors, etc.

– Hamstrings incredibly short and tight.
*This is the tough one, years of stiffness to work through, implemented PNF’ing and band work. My straight leg raise while lying on my back gets about 2.5-3ft off the ground. I cannot straighten my leg when doing seated hamstring smash and floss with a lax ball 
In short, it’s a mess. I’ve taken steps towards targeting everything, there have been good days and bad, but I haven’t been able to resume training – which has been the goal for the past 6 months (injury roadblocks). I find that targeting the glute stiffness on my own is difficult, although I did have some massage work done and everything felt completely relieved for a short period of time afterwards.
At this point I’m not really sure what steps to take next, other than continue with mobility work and go see a PT. I did some air squats yesterday just to see how the system was functioning; no pain in the knee itself, but tightness was felt below the kneecap in the patellar tendon. I’ll tell you what, the past month has felt like a year. Between this and a chronic forearm problem I’m certainly feeling desperation kicking in. I can’t believe I let myself go down this road and get so far off track! I used to burn through the benchmark WOD’s like it was my job, now I feel like a tacked down brokedi**. Sorry to vent, but this is the only outlet where I feel like some people might be able to relate.