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This one is for the M-WOD team…

Episodes 1-365… Pro videos(1-55…)
See that’s what I wanted to avoid.
I spended the last 2 years so much on educating my self.
about nutrition and Fitness. And looking back I wished I just took a good standard paleo and fitness program.
This would have saved me month of time that I could have spend on doing… rather then studying. I was
a fitness and nutrition geek. And I’m done with that. really done 🙂
I just need a solid routine, that covers it all. I’m open to expand my horizon and learn “some”…
but I don’t want to waste more time on educating me in something where I’m not an expert.
I just need a routine like 30-1h long. That covers it all.

If I get a routine from an expert group like m-Wod (like a DVD version of the book).
I would happily pay 200USD or more If I don’t have to think, search the web and spent all
the precession time learning about anatomy and stuff.
I just need a routine that I can follow blindly. For exampel like this Product from Joe defranco  the Amped series  .Its not perfect, but
I know he is an expert, I don’t have to question or learn anything. I just do it, no time wasted.
For mobility you might need 3 products…
1. basics routine (the all-round one).
2. Analyze and examine
3. tackle individual problems

Time is for me more valuable then money. And if I can safe time by “not” looking through hundreds of free videos
by paying for the distilled information from an expert. then I’m happy todo that 🙂
Don’t take it as a critique rather then a suggestion for a product 😉