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      Hi, the infos on this website seem to be of great value and educating.
      But I don’t look right now for a specific problem to be solved rather then,
      a standart get started allround mobility wood. Or different ones like, uppperbody lowerbody.
      Right now after spending some days searching through the website I find the information
      In the package it is presented not very usefull if you don’t want to research for weeks and
      Find your favorite exersises. So my question to the mWod team, what would
      Be a good standart routine if I don’t have a specific problem.

      Thx for any input!

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      I recommend starting from the beginning of the Mobility Wod Project (Episodes 1-365). Episode 1 then scroll  to the bottom of page 6 for episode 2……
      This is a free resource to all MWOD users and you are introduced to concepts,theory, and equipment as it was added throughout the project. Going in sequential order you are introduced to all concepts.

      I recommend watching the webinars as
      these will further your understanding on different aspects within the
      particular focus and how&why  concepts relate. MWOD subscribers have
      access to webinars for a limited time following the webinar.

      Next, start  MWOD Pro videos, Pro videos(1-55…) and Daily Rx which begins on Tuesday May 7, 2013.

      Attending a Movement and Mobility Seminar provides a solid base of learning and hands on time.
      A list of scheduled seminars is here

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      This one is for the M-WOD team…

      Episodes 1-365… Pro videos(1-55…)
      See that’s what I wanted to avoid.
      I spended the last 2 years so much on educating my self.
      about nutrition and Fitness. And looking back I wished I just took a good standard paleo and fitness program.
      This would have saved me month of time that I could have spend on doing… rather then studying. I was
      a fitness and nutrition geek. And I’m done with that. really done 🙂
      I just need a solid routine, that covers it all. I’m open to expand my horizon and learn “some”…
      but I don’t want to waste more time on educating me in something where I’m not an expert.
      I just need a routine like 30-1h long. That covers it all.

      If I get a routine from an expert group like m-Wod (like a DVD version of the book).
      I would happily pay 200USD or more If I don’t have to think, search the web and spent all
      the precession time learning about anatomy and stuff.
      I just need a routine that I can follow blindly. For exampel like this Product from Joe defranco http://www.defrancostraining.com  the Amped series http://www.ampedwarmup.com  .Its not perfect, but
      I know he is an expert, I don’t have to question or learn anything. I just do it, no time wasted.
      For mobility you might need 3 products…
      1. basics routine (the all-round one).
      2. Analyze and examine
      3. tackle individual problems

      Time is for me more valuable then money. And if I can safe time by “not” looking through hundreds of free videos
      by paying for the distilled information from an expert. then I’m happy todo that 🙂
      Don’t take it as a critique rather then a suggestion for a product 😉

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      Some of what you do will depend on the movements you are doing that day or the following day or if you have areas that need attention.
      Use those items to create a routine you can use the search function or the filters on the top of the episodes page to narrow down the episodes.
      It may involve some time in the beginning to construct your routine because it is all new information.
      Episode 321: Programming for Mobility
      From the about tab How to Use This Site
      Daily Rx May 7, 2013 shows some of the main items you should purchase/work on getting for different mobs and getting different corners.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Hey Bjoern,

      I can feel for you.  When I started going through the material, it was daunting. In fact, it still is as more gets added each day. And then, as my PT likes to tell me, year over year the philosophies can change (like Kstarr’s stance on icing, where it’s promoted in his early videos and not in his later ones).  But yet those videos are still up! Dang it!
      Here’s my suggestion for a template on shortening the process:
      1. Get Becoming A Supple Leopard.  Watch some of the early videos as Kaitlin suggests, Episode 1 and 2.  
      2. I would definitely spring for at least a month of access to watch the webinars as Kaitlin suggests. They also give you a sense for the problem areas on most athletes.  once your understanding increases, your ability to address problems increase.
      3. I would then go into BSL and read the early chapters 1,2,3,4.  pay attention to the various tests there, like deep squat and evaluating external and internal rotation at the shoulders and hips.  try some of those.  are there any that you cannot do?  if so, then work on that.  that can give you a start on identifying which areas can be improved, even if you have no visible problems now.
      4. get a lacrosse ball, supernova, gemini, voodoo bands, rogue fitness bands green and black.  use these in your mobs to improve those areas you want to improve. select a test like a deep squat that you want to improve. use mobs for those areas. after each mob, get up and test the squat again. if improved, keep going to next mob. stop, get up and test again, etc. etc.  it can take days/weeks to achieve the full ROM in a given test or it might take an hour.
      5. you can also use mobs to see if you need to work on an area. i often go down into banded distraction hip openers, only to find that i don’t have any significant corners to release. so i don’t hold those for 2 minutes but quickly move to the next mob.
      6. are you into a certain sport? there are videos that pertain to certain sports. that can also speed up the process by getting you to focus on a given area(s).
      yes there is a lot. i would slowly work into it. it’s all very interesting when you start digging in. and yes it is kinda overwhelming in the beginning.  
      if you live near a good mobilitywod trained PT or movement specialist, they can show you what a process looks like live.  i did some sessions with Roop and it was awesome watching how he evaluates and goes through the process.  i also video the session so i can go back and review later.
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      thx david! very very helpfull 🙂
      much appriciated!

      I’m in europe. And not even in my country… and so far I found only idiots in terms of sport therapy

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      AvatarEvan Taras

      I second Bjoern’s idea of a paid product that is not going to take up too much time.  I would like something that would give me a quick evaluation and ways on correcting it.  And if I need more help or want to further improve an area I can look through all the videos on the site.

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