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AvatarMichael Bashista

Thanks for the reply guys.

The link you posted David is the same link I posted and I feel that its a great mob. So I will keep doing that. How often should I do it, like everyday?

I understand what your saying so I will keep it going. I have been smashing on area itself and surrounding tissues regularly for a while using the supernova and a hockey ball. However, I think my approach is all wrong, as I have been smashing / rolling on itself, like a quick 2minutes post workout here and there but the majority of the time I’ve been doing it at night on the floor watching TV.  Is there a better method than just rolling? Should I been doing anything else alongside like a dynamic move fore activation, or stretching or distraction before or after?

Smashing the area provides me with temporally relief from tension and stiffness. But I don’t really think it helps with any increase in ROM and I still experience a cramping feeling but like you said it’s getting used to that new range with it being pissed off.