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AvatarNathan Richer

it is possible that your leg has literally been sucked up into the hip joint and/or sucked into a poor position from most likely sitting, etc. or similar.  it could take a long time to create more permanent space as the muscles are now used to being that poor position and need time to adjust to a new position.

i think you’re doing the right things in terms of treating the immediate symptoms. are you also addressing your position and movements in the rest of your daily life?  for instance, if your posture is poor or you sit all day at a job with poor sitting position, then this will inhibit positive change and/or make it so much longer to get better.
i have spent years with a chiro/PT who has “gapped” my hip joint every time i saw him.  he would pull down the length of the leg and then set it back with obvious “it went back in” feeling. and i saw him every week.  but every week when i saw him, the muscles would then again yank the leg back into the socket and leave me with this tight restricted feeling.
it wasn’t until i made tremendous change in posture, glute activation/usage, and sitting position (or basically not sitting so much) and just moving around more and doing exercises around the house (look up “grease the groove” in google), that my hip joint finally started staying in a decent position. one of my current end goals is to be able to simply drop into deep squat when i get up in the morning. definitely not there yet but i can see progress towards that end. this path i’ve been on has been a journey since 2002 and going through every type of therapy i could get my hands on, and finally accelerated with MWOD’s education and principles.
one last thought – have you tried the banded joint distraction down the length of the leg while lying down?  lay down, setup the band, and have it pull on your leg for many minutes each night.  hopefully you should feel the leg have a noticeable stretch away from the hip – if not, just relax into the pull and let it go with the pull of the band as best as you can. do this for 2 minutes at least and try to build up if you can.  don’t overdo it though, you may strain something.