Marvin MoralesMarvin Morales

I feel your pain, brother. I’ve been dealing w/ a bulged disc @ L5/S1 for 3.5 wks now. Some pretty intense nights and mornings and the afternoons are not all that great either, also sciatica. My neuro-guy sites improvement and gave me till the 6 wk mark to make a decision about surgery. Luckily he is not a trigger happy sort of surgeon but did suggest an epidermal of cortisone. I will be getting that performed tomorrow (Wed) at 0800. Hopefully the inflammation will subside and the pain will ease and I can do some sort of PT to rehab it.

 I know I didn’t answer your question but for comparative/informational purposes the first week I was at 30% function and really pushing through work (professional setting). Week two wasn’t much better, still 30-40%. This third week has seen the most improvement and I feel that I am 60-70% w/out high exertion (only pushups and some pullups, low reps).
 Also, for what it is worth I’ve been taking 800 mg ibuprofen (up to week 2) and 100-200 mg gabapentin every 8 hours (entire time), valium to get to sleep (can’t otherwise due to pain), and another small dose when I inevitably wake up at 0200. I’m not a take-meds-type of guy but it has been rough, as you can probably attest to. 
Time is the only thing that is going to do it i think. keep the time table in perspective and don’t rush to throw around iron. good luck man