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AvatarNathan Richer

hey there nice work and keep up the videoing- it’s the best way to examine yourself after doing some kind of move like this.

some comments:
1. i would start without having KBs overhead like that.  it makes the move a LOT harder to get down to the bottom when your arms are straight overhead. i would start with an air squat, and then use a pole with arms pretty wide to ensure form, then slowly progress to moving your hands closer together along the pole until you can touch your hands and still descend to deep squat with proper form.
2. there are some problems with your squat and so this is another reason why not to load your pattern with weights when you’re not ready for it.  here are some of my observations:
a. you are both extended in your lower back. i would work on torso bracing, and also check your ability to get your arms overhead while maintaining torso bracing.  right now it seems that you are arching in order to get your arms overhead when standing, never mind when you descend.  you may need to work on your shoulders, and t-spine mobility to simply get your arms overhead without losing torso posture.
b. in addition to torso bracing, don’t forget to have some tension in the glutes too before you descend. this will position your pelvis optimally for the movement. right now you both have severe anterior tilt to your pelvises and need to bring that back to neutral.
c. you both have a pelvis lumbar fault right before you hit bottom.  you should stop the descent to right before this happens when you practice, and work on hip mobility as well as upper/lower leg issues and get yourself to able to go all the way down to deep squat without butt winking.  torso bracing is also key in not having butt winking.  think also about driving torque through your legs as you descend.
working on ankle DF and lower leg is definitely worthwhile. but limit the squat form to what you can maintain perfectly and use the deep (air) squat to test/retest a mob or smash for its effect on your form. note areas which are tender and which are not.  try the other mobs and smashes as tests themselves to find other areas of restrictions that you may not be aware of. good luck!