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AvatarNathan Richer

The mobs that worked for me are:

1. band distraction to outside, with leg turned outward in internal rotation block foot with KB and then sit back.  also try bringing opposite shoulder to that knee but dont sacrifice posture.
2. this one is a killer.  put band around leg/hip you want to mob and let band pull to the inside, through your other leg and out the other side, straight out the side.  put the band behind the leg you aren’t mobilizing. then get down on all fours into a frog position.  keeping the feet up on toes (not instep flat on ground), sit back while keeping good posture.  this one distracts the leg to the inside while you sit back.  you can oscillate fwd and back, and also try bending closer to the ground while maintaining posture.
i have not seen a video of this one yet – perhaps kaitlin knows of one that shows this?
i have tried other int rotation mobs but these are the ones that work best for me.