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      Avatarsimon brooks

      I’ve recently noticed that I have a glute imbalance. When I go into hip extension my left route goes soft. I try to contract it as hard as I can with no luck.

      I have constantly worked on hip mobility so that shouldn’t be an issue. I am guessing it is just pure strength related. How do you get this muscle firing properly as well as build up strength.

      On a moblity note is I am wondering if I lack hip internal rotation

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      AvatarJames Beatty

      My left gluteals were not firing nearly as strong as the right side. I eventually found out that my quads and hip flexors were extremely tight and inhibiting this. After a ton of quad smashing, voodooing and couch stretching my left side was back on par. 

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      i too have a left glute problem – much less tension generated than the right.

      i went to see Roop and he definitely found lack of internal rotation on the left leg.  we worked on that a bunch and left glute worked much much better.  i also had a tense TFL area.  the constantly firing TFL would inhibit glute function.  i smashed that a lot and that helped enable the left glute to fire more naturally.
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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Brenley,

      Do you have some known overtension issues in the front of the hip? If your hip flexors are all jacked up, putting your hip in extension puts them under increased tension, which may be inhibiting the glute (especially if you are unable to actually fire).
      Check out Episode 347 for a good anterior hip floss that might help prioritize glute activation for you.
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      You may be receiving like answers to your question.
      How you are addressing the situation may be hitting the symptom, but not address the root cause of the issue. If the cause isn’t addressed it will continue to occur.

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      Avatarsimon brooks

      So seems like the answer is more of the same.

      I do a lot of the anterior hip mobs because I know sitting so long causes havoc.

      I have at times felt a bit of a burning sensation when doing the anterior hip lunge in the left side

      David which are your favorite internal rotation mobilizations?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      The mobs that worked for me are:

      1. band distraction to outside, with leg turned outward in internal rotation block foot with KB and then sit back.  also try bringing opposite shoulder to that knee but dont sacrifice posture.
      2. this one is a killer.  put band around leg/hip you want to mob and let band pull to the inside, through your other leg and out the other side, straight out the side.  put the band behind the leg you aren’t mobilizing. then get down on all fours into a frog position.  keeping the feet up on toes (not instep flat on ground), sit back while keeping good posture.  this one distracts the leg to the inside while you sit back.  you can oscillate fwd and back, and also try bending closer to the ground while maintaining posture.
      i have not seen a video of this one yet – perhaps kaitlin knows of one that shows this?
      i have tried other int rotation mobs but these are the ones that work best for me.
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      Avatarsimon brooks

      Hey David, #2 might just become my favorite mob yet.  I can definitely feel it freeing up my hip.

      I dont think Kstar has ever really featured one quite like that has he?
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Nope – that one came from a session with Roop.  He showed me a bunch of internal rotation mobs, some I had saw before and some not like this one.

      And yes it is my fave as well!  I have also used 2 KBs to keep my feet from collapsing.  You can also sit back a bit in your initial foot width, then widen the spread of your legs and sit back some more – KILLER!
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      I’d didn’t understand what you mean with the 2nd one. I’ve got terrible internal rotation on one of my legs and help with this is appreciated. That one seems like a good one from what you guys said. 

      I think I understand, but not entirely. Is there any1 willing to put up a video or will Kelly/Roop put it up in a Daily RX anytime soon?
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      AvatarNathan Richer
      ok here is a sequence of images from my session with Roop on option 2 frog stretch:
      hook band around leg you want to distract, let band pull to the inside of that leg and out the other side:
      step leg over the band so that it is behind the other leg not distracted, then get down into frog position:
      maintain good torso position, start sitting back. feet can be instep down in beginning:
      for better results, keep feet up (off instep) and keep lower legs straight back and not bent:
      if you can, bend down towards the floor lower while keeping good torso position, and sit back more:
      note that this stretch mimics the position you would be in, if you were doing a squat with really wide stance.  you can try a squat with really wide leg stance and see how low you can go.  probably a lot less than if you had your legs ~shoulder width apart or maybe a bit wider than shoulder width.
      also see the smile on Roop’s face as I am grimacing in torture from sitting back 😉
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      Avatarsimon brooks

      Any other gems not on kellys site David? You are pretty lucky to be working with them you know

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      ha yeah i live in the SF Bay so there are great resources here!

      the only other thing i can think of at the moment is when kelly talks about 20% bracing in the torso all the time.  now they are saying to also have 20% tension in the glutes also, when you stand for proper posture.  20% glutes brings your pelvis back to neutral.  also before you squat, you should have 20% in both torso and glutes as the neutral pelvis opens up the front hip so that there is less chance of the top of your femurs coming up against the pelvis bones, thus preventing you from getting to a good bottom position.  you’ll probably butt wink for sure!
      btw, to Kaitlin, i am very impressed with your knowledge of the mwod videos!  how do you instantly come up with videos to recommend? do you have a separate organized list?  the categories on the site that you filter with aren’t as good as what you are coming up with.  i don’t suppose you’d share that categorization somehow? thanks!
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      Thanks for your nice words.
      I’ve known Kelly for a number of years, stayed on top of episodes since day 1, and attended multiple Movement and Mobility Seminars.
      I don’t have a separate organized list of the mwods.
      Yes, there are alot of episodes, but I work with the material on a continual basis so it is familiar.
      If I had something else I would share it, but I don’t.
      Feel free to email me any time [email protected]

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