AvatarNathan Richer

ha yeah i live in the SF Bay so there are great resources here!

the only other thing i can think of at the moment is when kelly talks about 20% bracing in the torso all the time.  now they are saying to also have 20% tension in the glutes also, when you stand for proper posture.  20% glutes brings your pelvis back to neutral.  also before you squat, you should have 20% in both torso and glutes as the neutral pelvis opens up the front hip so that there is less chance of the top of your femurs coming up against the pelvis bones, thus preventing you from getting to a good bottom position.  you’ll probably butt wink for sure!
btw, to Kaitlin, i am very impressed with your knowledge of the mwod videos!  how do you instantly come up with videos to recommend? do you have a separate organized list?  the categories on the site that you filter with aren’t as good as what you are coming up with.  i don’t suppose you’d share that categorization somehow? thanks!