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AvatarDavid Wesley

I got some progress, and a new set of questions, hope you can provide some more insight on what to do.

QL now seems to be the same size on both sides, and it’s alot softer on touch. over the past past month or so I de-rotated the pelvis numerous times, and now it really feels good, and for the last week symphisis pubica doesn’t click anymore ( so I guess it’s in place) and weird feeling in pelvis/adductor area when hip hinging with torque is also gone, and also biggest progress is when I squat my left knee doesn’t make noises anymore.
Now the questions.
Even though it feels as if my pelvis is ok now, everytime I palpate my SIAS the left one is 3-5mm higher ( and it should be lower considering my scoliosis )  , so I really don’t know what’s up with that..
My right hamstring goes in spasm everytime it’s activated with knee flexed. 😕
Also, huge lateral right knee pain when sitting with crossed leg, and also missing a ton of ROM for ext rotation.
And now since the QL is back to normal, I guess the lump on the backside are actually ribs (guessing 12th and floating ones), should I just smash them with lax?