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AvatarNathan Richer

have you tried voodoo banding around the left knee? sounds like the tissues could use some slack. it may have built up from years of lifting but never addressed, and then exacerbated by you doing OH and Front Squats.

not only would i voodoo band around the knee, i would also walk the voodoo band up the quad to the hip (and do some moves at each wrap), and go below the knee as well down to the ankle. when you go below, you can do calf raises or rotate the foot in addition to squats. 

i’d also get a set of 2 voodoo bands so you can do both legs at once. it is likely that there are some issues that would best be cleared up on the other leg as well.

if there is still pain, i’d go see a clinician. trying to address a painful situation in this forum really isn’t the right way to go.