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Morning guys:
I’ve been diagnosed as a candidate for bilateral resurface.  I’m not quite bone on bone yet and almost through in the towel in March/April, barely put my shoes and socks on, the whole bit.  Since then I got both hips injected and have given up weighted squats.  I made it routine to perform hip openers, hip flossing basically every thing K-Star suggests for hip work to preserve the ROM I have left.  I manage the inflammation with tumeric, devils claw and proteolytic enzymes.

The arthritis and bone spurs wrecks my range of motion. Therefore I have issues with the pure OLY lifts.  I get by, by doing power cleans and power snatches.  I’ve had the labrum operation and have FAI.  The pain and stiffness are manageable for now but, when did you guys know when to get the surgery? 

I’m 36 and was an ultrarunner.  Now I’ve switched to endurance mountain biking.