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      AvatarAdam Simpson

      Anyone else out there doing the fun stuff with a full hip replacement or hip resurface? I have been doing Crossfit for about 9 months now and had a resurface done about 3 years ago when I was 35. I havent come across any issues so far but was wondering if anyone else has. I scale back or sub the running parts of wods. Ill do the 100m or 200m sprints and sometimes the 400m runs but rarely anything more unless its something like Murph or a another Hero wod. When I scale or sub I row instead. For me I happen to be a much better rower than runner so I like the row vs run option. Ill do 500m row instead of a 400m run and am actually faster in the row than run. Really the only issues I have had are hip mobility. I have been working on it since day one and im finally almost getting my butt to the ground when im doing squats. The one stretch that I started doing that really helped me the most is getting down in a low squat position and just sitting there while holding a kettle bell out in front of me to help me balance and also put a little extra weight to push me down. While im in this position I push out on my knees with my elbows.

      So any other hippies out there?
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      AvatarJo Priest

      Hi Seth,

      I have had a total of 5 THR’s.  The first two were done simultaneously back in August 2008.  The left one got a staph infection, that wasn’t diagnosed until post revision in Feb 2011.  So, I got really sick and they had to take that out a month later, put in a temporary hip, called a spacer, and wait for the infection to leave.  Three months after that, I got my final revision.
      I’ve been doing CrossFit now for the last two months.  I love it, I love the Olympic movements.  I love lifting.  I’ve had a concern about how much I’m able to lift.  I have a call into my surgeon to see what he says, but so far I’ve done a 255 lbs back squat in a 1 RM with no negative results.  But, at the same time, I’m nervous about how much weight I can put on the joint before it blows a rod, as it were.  I’m only 38 years old, with my first set of replacements at the age of 33.  I do stretch a lot and I roll out my gluts with a LaCrosse ball.  I don’t suppose you’ve talked to your doctor about what you can lift?  I too do not run.  I sub rowing, which, like you, I find much more fun anyway.  I don’t think man was meant to run except to save our lives.  It’s too hard on our bodies.  Give me a rower any day!!
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      AvatarAdam Simpson

      Ahh   good to hear that from you Mike. Im going heavier these days and have put down a solid 1:18 400m run. I save the running for the “special” stuff 😉

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      Avatar[email protected]

      Morning guys:
      I’ve been diagnosed as a candidate for bilateral resurface.  I’m not quite bone on bone yet and almost through in the towel in March/April, barely put my shoes and socks on, the whole bit.  Since then I got both hips injected and have given up weighted squats.  I made it routine to perform hip openers, hip flossing basically every thing K-Star suggests for hip work to preserve the ROM I have left.  I manage the inflammation with tumeric, devils claw and proteolytic enzymes.

      The arthritis and bone spurs wrecks my range of motion. Therefore I have issues with the pure OLY lifts.  I get by, by doing power cleans and power snatches.  I’ve had the labrum operation and have FAI.  The pain and stiffness are manageable for now but, when did you guys know when to get the surgery? 

      I’m 36 and was an ultrarunner.  Now I’ve switched to endurance mountain biking. 

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      AvatarTraci Raper

      Hey guys I have a similar story… Just got my THR on my right hip at age 42 FEB 10,2014 …Been crossfitting for 5 years… The pain before sucked… Its been 12 weeks and I’ve done a few Wods… Havent run yet… Did some DL at 205/ Did 415 pre surgery… I was told not to do crossfit for 6 months but its tough not to go back… I scale down alot now and try to go twice a week… the other days I am doing mostly upper body at a gym (Bored as Hell)… I did an anterior approach and will be back at work next week ( I do some lifting as part of my Job)… I guess my question is when did you guys feel OK to push yourselves… I overdid it early on so I would love to hear more experience with Crossfit and THR… I love Cleans and Snatches but am a little weary of doing the more explosive movements…

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      AvatarDana Hollander

      Wow, I just found this thread. It hit’s very close to home.  I don’t do Crossfit but I do follow Starting Strength.  I had LTHR on July 20, 2004 and RTHR on June 5, 2012.  I’ve been squatting since about the end of August, 2012.  I also do deadlifts.  I never did deadlifts until after both replacements.  I worked up to 315 lbs which kind of freaked me out a little bit so I haven’t tried to go higher.

      Regarding how to know when to get surgery… you’ll know.  There will be no doubt in your mind.  The pain eventually get’s to the point where you’re left with two options.  Either you suicide or THR. Seriously.

      I would love to share experiences with others who have had THR.

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      AvatarScott Morrison

      Hey guys, I am 26 and have had a THR on both hips, left side on July 7th and right side on September 15th, before that I was crossfitting for about 8 months before I couldn’t take it anymore because I was bone on bone. When would you guys recommend and good time to get back into it? I feel like a part of me is missing not being able to CrossFit and can’t wait to get back into it!

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      AvatarCory Harris

      I am 37 years female & have had 2 THR. The first one 2 yrs ago & the second about 8 months ago. I been doing crossfit for a year & a half. I am also a crossfit coach now. Crossfit has truly strengthen my hip muscles. It made this last replacement a cake walk. I didn’t need rehab & was walking without any assistance 1 week post surgery. In fact 2 weeks after I was back at the box exercising. The only problems I have is when I do too much hip flexion repetitions, I strain my hip flexor muscles. Which result of pain in my inner thigh. So it hurts when I lift my leg. Otherwise I have no problems.

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      AvatarJohn O’Connor

      I have two hip replacements also. I was doing Crossfit until February when I hurt my knee. I am planning on going back next week but I had a couple of questions for some of you that have done Crossfit. Do you have trouble doing burpees? They seem very difficult. Also, have you had knee problems because of bad form on your squats? I am still not sure how I hurt my knee.

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      AvatarTina Dill

      hello i had a hip replacemen in february , and i  am having another one the left on  november , my surgeron said he doesnt awnt met o run, or do excersises like basketball or running onces  (crossfit) as it will  make the hip to wear off faster. comments_

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      AvatarBen Jackson

      Haven’t done xfit in a while because I wanted to start taking it easy on my hips. FAI and all the rest in both hips. Had resurfacing on right but not left and the left is now falling apart.. Will see surgeon soon. I’m prob due for HR in left and maybe right now. Good to see you guys are back at it. It will be hard to give up running but I’m getting there.

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