AvatarNathan Richer

i think that most likely your back issues are causing tight muscles which are going to throw off any kind of positive movement until you relieve them.

kaitlin’s video suggestions are good but I would also work on t-spine, and erectors and QLs.  then go down into the glutes as well as hams.  reset the pelvis as in episode 128.
work on posture and hip hinging properly with braced torso will be key first items to work on.  but you’ll have to heal up somewhat before you can really work on these as pain and tightness will likely inhibit progress.
i know this is a non-ice community, but i’ve used ice on my back when i have spine problems with good results.  the ice seems to lessen inflammation of the discs and reduce the bulging, which then reduces flaring up of muscles due to the discs bulging.  now that i’ve said this, i’ll probably get flamed on this forum for sure!