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AvatarKatherine Huether

I have a similar problem. FAI in my left hip. I was diagnosed with that about 3 years ago. A little over a year ago I went back to the doctor and was diagnosed with arthritis and was told that surgery wasn’t really an option as the joint has deteriorated past the point where fixing the FAI would help. I work with a PT and sporadically with a trainer to control it. I don’t have full range of motion (I can get to about 90 degrees). 

Here’s what helps me stay functional (I play high impact sports regularly). Tons of glute activation work. Be overly protective of the lumbar spine as it is very tempting to get extra ROM using it. Roll out all the little adductor muscles in your upper thigh frequently. Work on getting extra ROM in your ankles and thoracic spine to compensate. I recently got a pair of squat briefs (think extremely tight compression shorts) which have really helped me feel more stable when lifting. When squatting/deadlifting/etc figure out how far you can go under load before the impingement limits you and don’t go lower but at the same time make sure you still hit depth. 
The issue I struggle with is keeping the other hip properly mobile, as stretching it out is difficult given the impingement. If anyone has advice on that, I’d love to hear it.