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AvatarMartin Repcek

For anchoring near the floor I use a “mommy hook” (a giant carabiner) from Babies ‘R Us. I hook it around a foot of the cast iron radiator in my living room. Not factoring in the water weight, the radiator probably weighs over 600 pounds so I know it isn’t going anywhere no matter how much I stretch those bands. For overhead stuff I hook the bands to the anchor for my TRX. A more versatile option is the TRX door anchor. The mommy hook again works great for hooking bands to the TRX door anchor. If you use door anchor try using it so that it is pulling the door closed. If you can’t, put it on the hinge side of the door. Go here for a couple TRX anchoring options.  If you do a google search for “TRX anchor” you might find some more creative options. Anchoring a TRX and the bands is kind of the same problem. 

Another thing I’ve done is just hook a band around dumbbell and pass the band under a door. This works on interior doors where you usually have about an inch of gap.