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      AvatarKhaled Dewan

      When Kelly is using band in the gym, he uses the racks that are bolted to the floor as anchors.

      How can I anchor the bands, when I am using them at home?
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      I’d try looping the band around something like a broom handle, stick it into a door frame and close the door. As long as no one accidentally opens the door, you should be good.

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      AvatarJohn Gribbin

      I have a little cloth door anchor from some cheap band set I got at a sporting goods store. It’s held up fine while using a rogue black band for over a year now.

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      For anchoring near the floor I use a “mommy hook” (a giant carabiner) from Babies ‘R Us. I hook it around a foot of the cast iron radiator in my living room. Not factoring in the water weight, the radiator probably weighs over 600 pounds so I know it isn’t going anywhere no matter how much I stretch those bands. For overhead stuff I hook the bands to the anchor for my TRX. A more versatile option is the TRX door anchor. The mommy hook again works great for hooking bands to the TRX door anchor. If you use door anchor try using it so that it is pulling the door closed. If you can’t, put it on the hinge side of the door. Go here for a couple TRX anchoring options. http://www.trxtraining.com/shop/anchoring-accessories  If you do a google search for “TRX anchor” you might find some more creative options. Anchoring a TRX and the bands is kind of the same problem. 

      Another thing I’ve done is just hook a band around dumbbell and pass the band under a door. This works on interior doors where you usually have about an inch of gap. 
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      I lost one of my two lifting straps while moving, however I have turned the other one into an amazing door anchor.

      All I did was fold down the long end and wrap some tape around it. This gave me one end with a loop and another end with a door stopper (see here: http://tinypic.com/r/2z732xe/5)
      The flat (middle part) of the old lifting strap fits nicely in between almost any door, and with the loop on my side I can tie a band through it at any height that I want, with the safety of having the tape stopper keep everything in place on the other side of the door (just need to make sure, again, that nobody opens the door!)
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      AvatarAnthony Morris

      I lifted up my bed and loop one around the neck of the caster above the wheel. Only works good for low mobs.

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      AvatarAndres Rodriguez

      Thera-band door anchors work great. Look them up on amazon.

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      AvatarJ Myers

      I’ve had similar issues with where to put the bands. I tried putting all of the weights I could find in the house (not much) in to this wingback chair to hold it down while I worked on some hip capsule stuff only to have the chair chase me down like a bad horror movie. For anything overhead my pull-up bar works nicely but I need to workout some options for the mid-range and lower stuff as well. 

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      Don’t buy any anchors guys just simply use a bath towel folded once or twice, wrap the band around the towel and wedge in closed door. I have been doing this for a few months now and it works like a charm. You can put at the top of the door for overhead work or lower for hips and ankles. You could snap a broom or damage your walls but a towel holds the tension and won’t cause damage

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      AvatarJ Myers

      Very clever Mr. D’Alesandro!

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      I concur with David D’Alesandro.

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      I simply dont know how it is possible to wedge something in to a closed door……

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      Well you open the door first then close the towel and the looped end of the band on one side and close the door best you can on the other. Helps to have a bit of a gap in the door but works just fine if the door doesn’t shut all the way as long as it’s in the direction you are working.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      I also use Thera Band door anchors which are relatively cheap on Amazon.  The Rogue Door Strap is also cool, although you may want to get a big carabiner to use with thicker bands.  In my workout space, I loop bands around the handles of two big kettlebells, in this case a 70 and 80 pounder, and then tip them over on the ground.

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