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AvatarJohn Brooks

Hi Michael,
I’m not sure if this is the right place for this comment (and I couldn’t find anything directly on the down regulation class itself) but I wanted to let you know I’m getting a lot out of the class. I dont show for the live sessions but have been working my way through the videos. I dont know if I’m all alone in this but I’ve hit a bit of a “motivation wall” in my training. I suspect I’m not alone and I also suspect there are some that are working their way through this better or more effectively than me. That said, feeling undermotivated and not really enthusiastic about throwing my leg over the bike or spending an hour alone doing trx, I’m really happy to have this available to me. While I understand this is different than spending 10h/week on the bike, that I’m “detraining” and this isnt “goal achieving behavior” in the sense my more typical stuff is, but I’m grateful to you guys. In the vein of “do something”, this is making a difference for me. Makes me feel like I’m a little bit physically focused so I can maintain some connection to my body, focus a bit on mobility, learn a whole bunch of things I might not prioritize the time to learn in other times . . .

I expect I’ll get my act together again in a few days. I think we’re all carrying a bunch of stress we don’t typically carry that’s, likely, related to having to do all our stuff differently. Like all our stuff. Having something that’s non-threatening, doesn’t strike me as a “soul crushing effort”, approachable, and intimately physically connected is really helpful for me. And, while I’m not as daily compliant with this either as I’d like to be, I am grateful to you guys so wanted to say “thank you.”