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There are many ways you can get started.
For the assessments it is a 1 or 0. You have full range or you don’t.

Have you watched the How to Use This Site from the Getting Started page?

Have you gone to the workout section of the virtual mobility coach and scrolled to the pistol or sport and scrolled to cycling/mountain biking? There are pre and post options for each. Each day you visit there are different mobilizations.

Have you searched the archive for pistol or cycling?
Two which address hip and cycling and ankle and cycling:
Pro Episode #7 – Solving Problems of The Bike Part 1: Hip Function

Pro Episode #8 – Solving Problems of The Bike Part 2: Ankle Function

You can search the archive for an archetype, sport, movement, body part, or another way you think of and have several options.

The 14 Day Mobility Challenge addresses each archetype in 2 days and how to mobilize for it.
14-Day Mobility Challenge | 7 Green Lights | Day 1
This on the app in the bonus section

If you are in pain that is where you start.
You don’t want to click on random body parts. Where are you experiencing pain?
Start there.

Start with the big engines of the hip and shoulder.

Other questions?