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      AvatarMike du Randt

      Hi TRS Team,

      Im guessing this has come up before but in case it hasn’t i thought a new thread would provide future insight for all.
      I have been working on my mobility through the GOWOD app for the last few months, and an avid crossfit trainer.
      Struggling to see any major results in mobility over the last few, frustrating to the least.
      I struggle in all areas really. Squat form needs dire attention and my overhead work has improved greatly but like all needs work.

      My question is where to start and what to focus on? Would you recommend working around the pistol and squat archetype or do the daily maintenance videos to get a better all round mobility gain?

      Ive got access to my own Gua Sha/fascia release tool, foam roller, rubber bands, peanut and tennis balls etc.

      Would love any advice!

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Welcome Mike,
      I’d recommend starting with the Ready State quiz from the FAQ ( scroll down to the FAQ then click on the 5th now down “I’m new to the Ready State, where should I start?” Take the quiz and based on your answers, the Ready State will share customized resources that can help you Live Ready. This is one way to get started.

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      AvatarMike du Randt

      Hi Kaitlin – Thank you so much!

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      AvatarJohn Brooks

      I’ve got essentially the same challenge. I’ve been a subscriber for 6 months or so, have the leopard book, and have invested some time with trs (honestly only once or twice a week.) About 4 months ago, I made up a little assessment grid, took the leopard book to the gym, and spent a couple hours trying to do a bit of a self assessment. I just watched the assessment video and thought it was great. My issue then and now is “ok, what do I do next?”. A couple things would be helpful to me in terms of getting more out of the fantastic material you guys offer.
      1) Something online where, for each assessment, there would be 3 or 4 questions & a simple rating (1-4 maybe.) Then I could go back in a month or do, re run the assessment and see how much movement there had been.
      2) Maybe something more prescriptive about what to do next. I get this is hard without doing an actual diagnostic session. But I think a “if you had trouble with xyz in this archetype, look at these mods”. For example, I do the pistol and I can’t keep my heel down. I dont expect you know conclusively. Is it a hip issue? Is it an ankle issue? Is it both? Is it “yes AND . . .”?

      I think a little more help with assessing myself and then a little more specific guidance about where to start exploring would really help me. I do find there’s a lot of very helpful material here. I just get a little overwhelmed by it and worry I’ll spend a lot of time because things are interesting but not make progress in the areas that are likely causing me issues.

      I will say that I was experiencing frozen shoulder. When it was near it’s peak at about 7 months, I used a number of the mods I learned here and that brought me a bunch of relief (and better sleep!) As it has progressed thru and is improving, the motions I’m choosing are changing and that continues to help me with range challenges I’m still working hard to resolve. So, I’m a believer. Drank the cool aid.

      I spend 10 hours/week or so on the bike and think there’s likely a lot here to make that more productive and helpful.

      Im posting this in the forum because I’m hopeful other folks have worked their way through similar challenges and can get me pointed in the right direction without waiting for the site to change to meet my specific desires! 🙂

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      I agree! I just started and can’t do any of the lower body archetypes.. but not exactly sure where to go from here? Do I just go on ‘pain’ and click on random parts of the lower body? Or should I start following daily maintenance? Great content but not really sure where to go. The exercises sent to my email everyday have been the best. I just want to be more mobile and will generally do 15-20 mins separate to a workout. Cheers!

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      AvatarMike du Randt

      Thanx for your input John and Charlie.

      The joy of GOWOD was that it did tell you what to do for your restrictions. However I used that app for a long time and struggled with results. TRS has been helping a bit more. If you’ve downloaded the Ready State app you can see in the bonus content that the 14 day squat challenge is there. Im currently working through that. Certainly feeling less tight and stiff everyday.

      With all that being said, I’m trying my best to put in the time with mobility. Easier now with the world on lockdown, but spending a good 30min minimum working through the squat challenge etc. I also try the morning routine which is a 10min hip opener, as well as an evening session as well before bed, normally soft tissue work on a foam roller.
      If i find an exercise that is hell (hamstring floss/couch stretch) then i spend more time working through those.

      I struggle like you both with a few of the archetypes. So i picked one (squat) and just put attention to that. More focus on one area to correct one issue at a time. Then moving on to the others at a later stage. I do believe the daily maintenance is a great one to just keep in addition to the day.

      Thats just what I’ve gone with – hope that helps?

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      There are many ways you can get started.
      For the assessments it is a 1 or 0. You have full range or you don’t.

      Have you watched the How to Use This Site from the Getting Started page?

      Have you gone to the workout section of the virtual mobility coach and scrolled to the pistol or sport and scrolled to cycling/mountain biking? There are pre and post options for each. Each day you visit there are different mobilizations.

      Have you searched the archive for pistol or cycling?
      Two which address hip and cycling and ankle and cycling:
      Pro Episode #7 – Solving Problems of The Bike Part 1: Hip Function

      Pro Episode #8 – Solving Problems of The Bike Part 2: Ankle Function

      You can search the archive for an archetype, sport, movement, body part, or another way you think of and have several options.

      The 14 Day Mobility Challenge addresses each archetype in 2 days and how to mobilize for it.
      14-Day Mobility Challenge | 7 Green Lights | Day 1
      This on the app in the bonus section

      If you are in pain that is where you start.
      You don’t want to click on random body parts. Where are you experiencing pain?
      Start there.

      Start with the big engines of the hip and shoulder.

      Other questions?

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