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Have you ever desired a yoga practice designed specifically for the culture of your gym? How about a yoga class that caters to athletes who are more interested in improving their squat than putting their foot behind their head? Or perhaps you just want to sleep better, breathe deeper, recover faster, and experience a greater sense of joy in your workouts; the Functional Yoga For Athletics course is for you.

This one-day seminar is for coaches and athletes who are interested in implementing a supplemental yoga practice to their fitness training. Participants will learn to practice and teach the most effective yoga techniques for enhanced performance, breathing, recovery, endurance, and mental toughness.

The structure of the day is a mix between practical application and lecture material on how to program yoga–in its most accessible form- to athletes. Course participants learn to apply yoga principles in training themselves and other athletes to increase flexibility, stability, strength, and balance which will improve overall athletic performance.

The Functional Yoga For Athletics course is not your average yoga training. The material is designed by Coach Debbie Steingesser specifically for athletes and coaches to enhance your overall experience in the gym. There will be no chanting (unless Debbie gets carried away), vegans, or spirituality; just meat and sweet potatoes yoga for fitness coaches and athletes.

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