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AvatarChase Walton

I have been taking fish oil. I have been working on my wrist range of motion a lot with a banded distraction. I have voodoo flossed my wrist and forearm a lot too. Every time I stretch out my wrist and forearm, the pain and mobility of the wrist is slightly better. But then in the next few hours the pain and stiffness comes back. My grip strength is unaffected by this. My clean form definitely needs work. I tend to receive the bar with too much with the wrist rather than the body. I have trouble getting my elbows up without sufficiently warming up and mobilizing. And that is the thing. The time I think I hurt my wrist/forearm or whatever is injured, I did not warm up and mobilize for the rack position. And the wod was for time so my starting position was most likely very lousy for cleans. As far as pushups, I think my form is okay for them. Thanks so much Kaitlin! I really appreciate it!