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AvatarNancy Alwin

Hey sorry for taking so long but thanks man, very informative video, which kind of confirmed my intuitions and more or less what I’ve been doing, which is nice so I’m more confident that I’m in the right direction. It feels kind of exaggerated to flare the scaps down and back and pinch them as opposed to keep them rotated the other way and taped against the rib cage as the video recommends, as far as I understood, which seems more organized and centered or something, and heck even aesthetically better ha.

The question now is just why I still sometimes have a nagging pain in a point around my right shoulder blade. The video said something about depressing the blades but not too much, and I’m thinking maybe I’m overdoing it sometimes, not sure but something to watch. Another theory is that when I’m lifting heavy til failure that I’m losing form as I’m trying to crank out the last rep, and that something happens there with lasting effects. Also something to work on.

If any other theories why I have that I’m grateful.