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check these out:

sorry some of those are pro episodes.

you might want to try these:

These are easy and cheap. it is possible that your toes are jammed together and thus preventing your body from knowing what muscles to fire when you stand.

try not to stand on the outside edges of your feet. this is not the solution as i think you have discovered.  

a properly weighted foot should be on the balls of feet, along the bottom of the outside edge, and the heel on each foot. it forms a C shape. some people use the word “bean shaped foot” or upside down L.  whatever visualization works for you.

when you stand, try to turn your kneecaps slightly outward, generating torque into the ground. in order to do this properly, your glutes need to be activated. it is possible that they are completely out of the picture when you stand. this is why when you do an air squat properly, an arch is created – you do a “not knees in” squat, keeping vertical shins and you have to use the external rotators to keep the knees from drifting in. one of those powerful external rotators is the glute medius. if you do this when you stand, your arch will naturally appear.  so getting the arch in the foot is not just a local task in the foot, but also up the whole leg itself.