AvatarDayan Fuentes

Yeah I have watched the episodes here on mobilitywod.com as well as videos on the Marc Pro website. It seems like something I am definitely going to use once I am able to get back into training and riding, it should help me get back to where I was before the injury. I probably should have phras d the question differently, I didn’t know if using the Marc pro with this type of injury would have any adverse effects but it makes sense that I should probably stay away from it until I’m cleared by a dr to start training again to avoid further complications. In one of the videos o saw I thought it also said that the Marc Pro Plus was a good tool to use after surgery but I can’t remember which video that was.

I don’t see why I couldn’t use the mark pro on my other leg and the rest of my body to help with recovery since the nature of my business doesn’t allow me to “take it easy” the way others would. I’m just not riding now but I am still working and teaching which has been taking a toll on my back and left leg since I have been compensating so much due to the injury. Is this a something that makes sense or should I stay away from it completely until I have a game plan regarding the injured leg?