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Have you seen a chiropractor to adjust your hips?
I’ve seen this help correct situations with up even hips.
You need to identify the reason your hips are uneven.
Did anyone that you have seen about the situation given you a cause of the situation?
Do you understand how to stabilize your spine and maintain that with movement?
I recommend watching this webinar
The Big Engine: Anatomy and Function of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis Complex
If you have a Pro subscription you can view the webinar for free.
If you don’t have a Pro subscription you have a couple of options.
1) You can do a 1 month or multi month subscription to MWOD Pro there are different options available.
2) You can do a Pay Per View 48 hour viewing time of the webinar for $9.99
The webinar will further your understanding of the pelvis and low back and their function.
Your hip may be in the front of the socket.
Episode 161: Hip Impingement: AIS
Episode 78: Un-impinge yourself from mental slavery
Episode 87: Hip Impingement 2: Band Variation
Episode 56: Best Ice Pack, Solving Hip Impingement
Yes, the view on icing has changed since this episode was filmed 3ish years ago. There is other valuable information within the episode for the hip& shoulder.
Episode 198: Open Up You Hips For Better Squatting
Be aware of the nerve pain. If it continues would be beneficial to see someone about it.
Do you have full range on each ankle?
Adaptation Error: Don’t Sleep on Your Stomach & The Right Bed
Pro Episode # 26 – Down Regulation, Heart Rate Variability, Adaptation, Stress, and Turning Off
If one side it tight the other side is compensating for it so work on both sides of your body.