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AvatarFredrik Bucher-Johannessen

I think we’re in the same boat lol – and it’s definitely frustrating! I’m currently dealing with issues in my right leg, feels like the leg is only at 50% power. My problem started with my knee and basically triggered a chain of events.. right hip pain (small tender spot above the glute, feels like a bunch of small different knots when i touch it) right buttocks pain, trouble stretching my hamstrings because it hurts, knee pain and painful heel pain. I feel like i’m having trouble walking straight and now i’ve been getting upper pain in the neck,spine,shoulders region.

Have you had a blood test? My rheumatoid factor was at 35, it necessarily doesn’t mean anything but it’s an invitation to see a rheumatologist (which i’m still waiting on) for more tests just to make sure and rule out possible autoimmune diseases.
My guess is that ever since I initially injured my knee (deep patella bone bruise) playing softball, i’ve been limping and it’s triggered other pains throughout my body because of my altered gait and a lot of it is in my lower back and hips causing sciatic issues throughout my leg. The limping has also created a muscle imbalance, my left leg and glutes are stronger than my right leg at the moment.
I started getting deep tissue massage in my hips and glutes which are really helping. I’m also doing acupuncture. The one thing I think that’s helping out of all of this is seeing a naturopathic doctor. I’m week 2 into his treatment and i’m feeling a whole lot better and the biggest reason I think is the vitamin D3 dosage he’s prescribed me. He also told me that stress makes it worst and gave me stuff to reduce stress and anxiety. Basically I need to clear my head in order to let my mind focus on healing my injuries.
Your body is pretty incredible in fixing itself, sometimes you just need someone to help you speed it up. Go see a naturopath, he’ll tell you what’s wrong with you and he’ll put you on the right road to recovery.