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AvatarJace Kelly

Hi Dovey, hello Guys!

I basically signed up to this website because of this discussion. Dovey, you posted in here really a long time ago, so my hopes for your reply are thin, but i have to try anyway – maybe you or one of the people participating in this discussion will still be there. Since a year now i’m struggling with exactly same issues as Dovey described, and as much as i managed to work around the pain somehow and i have really good days sometimes, psychologically it’s been a year of deep anxiety and weird medical check ups and doctors appointments until i finally found a PT who put my SI in place. It felt marvellous! for an hour..  and then it went out. As yours, it just doesnt want to keep in place, goes out all the time. I also hear a lot of noises in the si joint area when im getting up from a chair, plus i have some painful points on my GQ (when you press them, the pain goes all the way down on the outer side of the leg). I try to relieve them with a tennis ball, they never disappear completely though. I’ve been trying some of the stretches that you guys have recommended, they are helping a lil bit. I’m writing you to ask whether you found something that helped permanently/ how do you feel nowadays? I will appreciate every little piece of advice you could give me. If you ever read it of course 🙂
warm regards from Poland,