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AvatarNathan Weinman

Hi Kaitlin,
thank you for the help. I have been smashing pecs with a barbell and a lacrosse ball and voodoo flossing my shoulders. They feel much more mobile now, especially after voodoo.

I have tried floor pressing two days ago with just 50kg for 5 reps. My pecs felt fine the next day, no soreness this time, so smashing must have helped. Unfortunately shoulders near bicep tendon attachment were still hurting, right one just barely, but left one just as it used to. My left shoulder also rolled a bit forward today, as if it lost a bit stability. I know that with a ketlebell, I will be able to reset it back, but it is a bit worrying. There is also some clicking when I rotate my shoulder externally.

Is my shoulder not stable enough? What more can I do to fix the problem?

Btw I don’t know if you know Kelly personally, but if you meet him, say thanks for the book from me. It really has changed a lot for me, during the past couple of months.