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AvatarMike Fulkerson

Thanks for the advise.  Posture is definitely a huge issue.  I spend the vast majority of my time driving and working on a laptop.  I definitely need to focus more on finding desks of appropriate hights for laptop usage so I’m not always forced to tilt my head down to look at the screen.  Would it perhaps be a good idea in situations where a suitable desk can’t be found to sit crosslegged on the floor and tilt forward at the hips to maintain a properly organized spine and shoulders so as not to have to tilt the head down when working on a laptop?

Are there any links you would recommend to develope this diaphramic breathing practise?  It seems like this would be a good thing to focus on in congunction with the 20-30% ab tension/belly-wack test since that is something I have also been thinking a lot about but haven’t put into regular/effective enough practise yet.

I’ll definitely get on the ball rolling and banded distraction as soon as I get back to civilization where I can aquire said items.  Same with a good PT although that might take a little longer.  I’m still out in the bush for another 3 weeks.  Any other recommendations in the mean time?