AvatarKristian Klausen

So… New development. I’ve discovered some small cysts in my anterior hip that I’m guessing are paralabral cysts. Meaning I have a labral tear in my left hip, which would’ve been caused by a skiing accident over a decade ago that left me walking funny for a couple weeks. I’ve been able to improve passive flexion in my right hip and I’m retraining my hip flexors to relax while in hip flexion as they tend to fire out of habit. But this would explain the almost constant tightness and sharp pains in my left hip flexor.

The question now is how to cope with the labral tear. I think it’s small as my overall hip function isn’t terrible and there’s not much pain. But I think I will be hard pressed to ever regain full internal rotation. Kstar has one video up I stumbled across about really focusing on using motor control to maintain as much primary joint stability as possible… But any other insights would be much appreciated… Great video by the way…