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AvatarKristian Klausen

That timeline is brutal… And that video is outstanding. Makes me realize the importance of balance and stability in programming.

Do you have any understanding of how tight movers affect joint position and translation? Like in that article he said tight hamstrings can be a cause of the femur being pushed to the anterior of the joint, so mobilizing posterior chain and pulling the femur back makes sense, but then how do tight hip flexors and adductors impact the joint? Should we distract the joint from the outside to the inside to affect tight adductors (like pull the femur towards the sacrum)? I definitely don’t expect to find results like Somerset found in the video- that lady already had decent hip range and miles of posterior chain range, but I feel I’m missing some understanding of how each mover can affect joint position and how they should be addressed… Which may be something I’ll have to pay to figure out but its worth asking/brainstorming…