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AvatarElyse Waters

Braced squat:

The problem is most likely the inability to create enough external rotation torque at the start (screwing feet into ground) due to stiff adductors and tight hip capsules.
Ankle DF:
Yeah, that’s what I’ve tried the last months. The test/retest has been sitting on the ground pointing my toes toward me to see the difference between the leg I have mobilized and the leg I haven’t mobilized. So far, no difference. But if I can move my knee 1 inch past my toes in a kneeling position, and can only keep my chins vertical during squat, it’s probably something else. I probably have enough DF to do squats, but maybe not pistols (and that’s not the goal yet) 😛
The thread is so long because I didn’t bother to create a new one on the (almost) same topic – just continued on the old one. 😉
The Plan – Lower body:
Priority 1: Hip Capsules
Priority 2: Adductor 
Priority 3: High hammy
I’m stressing this a bit now because I know if I don’t make any changes I’ll just say “to hell with it” and do whatever I want to increase strength – even at the cost of bad form. Last time I did that, though not knowing how bad my mobility was, I ended up with knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and elbow pain; but only in the right side. Not the smartest thing…