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AvatarJonah Buzila


Thanks for the response.  I have checked Biceps Tendon before, that’s not it.  I do see that a ton though.  You are right on with the subscap and pec though.  His pec is like steel cables.  Subscap is real tight too.  He doesn’t have a good pain threshold though.  2 passes of ARTish work and he’s tapping out.  And yes, his T spine is a wreck.  When I adjust him he says he feels like he’s spasming in the midback after every time.  I told him he needs to live on the peanut (2 balls) then. 

I will continue to have him focus on t spine/pec mobility.  Thanks for the comments.  It’s good to know I’m not forgetting anything, just need to stay the course and be patient. 

This community is awesome, thanks KStar!