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I have not heard of that method.
Wellness Fx has several programs to choose from based on what information you are looking to get, and I haven’t seen anything like what they have available and the real information you receive and can put to use. You can track follow ups etc all on the same graphs to see ranges, changes etc. You see your results within the ranges of how they are measured as well so you where you are at within the classification as well. Wellness Fx is definitely aware that blood can change throughout the day.
I was in a pretty big accident and consulted with Wellness Fx. It was good to have information that I wasn’t able to get through other avenues and work with qualified people who understood goals, my training, and what I wanted to get back to doing. Consistency with who you are working with is a big plus as well.
It would be helpful to see a knowledgeable coach for an assessment of your strength.
Moving through different movement patterns will show strength imbalances etc.
What makes you think you have strength deficiencies?

Before taking a supplement I would go with eating Grassfed meat. Yes, it is more expensive, but it is a better quality product. When possible it is better to get what you need through your nutrition choices. Getting the most bang for the buck when making choices. Looking at different options of veg,  fruit, meat and having a variety of types can start to address some situations. In these forms your body is best able to use it as well.

Nordic Naturals fish oil they have alot of info on their site. Why Nordic Naturals
Ultimate Omega is an excellent option. Consulting with someone you may increase your dose of fish oil for a time while you are healing you may not.