AvatarNathan Richer

i’m a big fan of graston. you definitely need to find a good graston person. i’ve had people who weren’t that good do graston which resulted in excessive bruising – they just didn’t have the sensitivity as to when to stop.  i’m also a big fan of ART, if you can find someone near you.

i’ll bring up something i discovered and has been working wonders on rehabbing my right elbow which was muscular but i stupidly kept working out and now it’s gotten into the elbow itself. it’s the somapulse (http://www.somapulse.com) and uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate healing.  it’s done wonders for my elbow in only a week. i think it will take longer than the week to fully heal though – tendons/ligaments/bones just dont heal as fast as tissues do.  it is pricey at 1300$ but if you message me on this system i can give you a discount code for $400 off.
in addition to wellnessfx, you can try insidetracker.com. they match blood test results with athlete level markers and tell you whether you’re in range compared to athletes in different sports. if you do wellnessfx, you can manually type in the blood test results into insidetracker and get a report.