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AvatarNathan Richer

if you follow the FMS crowd, they have been promoting the fact that PTs etc need to do more and that getting to no-pain isn’t good enough – in fact no-pain could you leave in a increased compensatory state and severely reduced function despite lack of pain.  they’ve been trumpeting that for over a decade but still slow going….

also many PTs don’t workout. that’s another problem. i think the most effective PTs are those who actually participate in CF, triathlon, etc. so they know first hand the problems.  standing back and looking at it academically removes one huge level of effectiveness IMHO.
i think it’s changing with mwod etc. athletes are going to demand better results. if they can’t get it from one PT, they will find another one who is better. market forces will eventually force the PTs to do something or else they will end up only able to care for a reduced set of the population…