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AvatarBailey Martinez

I think this topic should be expanded.

I play volleyball and have done similar research and am still in need of additional questions.

1 footed jump (from standing)
1 footed jump (moving forward – i.e. lay-up (bball) or a slide (vball))
2 footed staggered jump – where one foot lands first, then the other foot lands in front of the first. Ideal volleyball attack take-off. I assume it’s similar in basketball.

One thing I’ve been trying to do is figure out:
1 – how the foot should land. heel then toe? toe then heel?
2 – what muscles should I be using with each leg to slow my body down as I descent in relation to what part of my foot has contacted the ground, and as I ascend.
3 – 2 footed staggered jump – should I load the first leg to make contact with the ground until the second has also loaded? Or should I rock the momentum from one leg to another?

I have decent form with most of my lifts, but I know I still do more harm than good to my knee’s because of how I jump dynamically in a game. Hopefully this discussion can help guide the athletes in the community.

Thanks Legion! <3