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AvatarKeith Messina

No worries here Kaitlin, I don’t think that identifying problem issues is bad. Actually I am very happy about my ability to be more observant. But, it does make my to go take a step back aggravated wondering how long I have been doing some things that way, or debate internally about whether or not to try a movement if I have an issue. Its not a bad thing at all, just internally frustrating. I’m simply a perfectionist and hold myself to high standards. I don’t think I am alone in the athlete world with that issue.
No I have not looked at any videos on sitting, but I will be searching them momentarily.
Up until today I had been working many areas as part of my post workout biz, but up until today I had plenty of time do do it. Going forward I be doing only 2-3 a day.

Kaitlin, maybe you or other members could help me in prioritizing my 2-3 areas by helping answer a question. asside from the current issue- my goat seems to be posterior chain tightness, but I am trying to decipher the worst area. I described above that I assessed ROM using one of the videos. I know it is significantly dysnormal. At the same time, in one of the videos KStarr describes how many athletes end up with ROM of the hip that stops at 90 degrees. I did the same assessment and I can get each leg to my chest without issue.However, when doing the straight leg lift test, doing hamstring mob work, or even a simple hamstring stretch I actually feel the most discomfort in my calf… not in the hammy. Is this indicative of hamstring pulling on calf OR calf pulling on hamstring… since we know its all interconnected??