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AvatarMartin Repcek

Wear what is comfortable. Obviously avoid shoes with crazy high heels. There is no reason to sacrifice comfort for a flat shoe. High heels can exacerbate your problem but flat shoes won’t fix it.

I’ve been working on trying to fix my complete lack of ankle ROM for about a year and a half now and I think I am finally making some progress. This a problem I’ve probably had for 25 years for all I know. That should give you and idea how bad off I am. I recognized years ago that right foot had a tendency to turn out and my right knee go valgus. At the time I just assumed it was some sort of genetic deformity and that there was nothing I could do about it. There may still be a small genetic component but I think it is about 99% fixable now that I’m wiser. I’ve fixed most of my hip problems and but full ankle ROM has eluded me. The typical symptom with a valgus knee is flat feet, or dropped navicular. This is not my problem at all. I couldn’t get my navicular to drop if I tried. My problem is that my foot is stuck in a high arch position that puts my foot tripod on a tilted plane. 
I think I’ve narrowed my problem down to a super tight beef jerkied soleus muscle. My cuboid is being pushed out of place and my talus is kind of wedged up. My theory is the super tight soleus is pulling down on the head of the fibula causing a chain reaction of complete dysfunction. I know the knots in my soleus are ginormous. Smashing the inner thigh, TFL/ITB area, quads, and hamstrings. Anyway, after working at it for a year and a half I’ve probably gotten about 50%-70% ROM back.