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AvatarKrista Foulke

    Thanks, Kaitlin for your help!

    The osteopath manually fixed my coccyx and pelvis (which was internally rotated). She said that there is little I could do myself. She thinks that the problems are more organic (small intestine, liver, gallbladder).

    The physio said that my psoas, illiacus and hip flexors in general are tight, so I should stretch them. I should also work on strengthening my hamstrings (especially left side) and my adductors. But he also pointed out that I should work on my “breathing mechanism” – maybe that´s what you refered to when you mentioned the diaphragm.
    I guess, doing the “global gut smash” would be a start. Is there something I need to pay attention to in regard not to do any harm?

    When I´m doing the couch stretch with my left leg on the wall, I have an impinged feeling in front of the hip. Is this the sign this stretch needs more attention? Or should I do some smashing, distracting beforehand?

    Thanks again!!