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AvatarBrian Sable

I came across this in hopes of answers. I am going through the exact same thing and 5 months of drs, and nothing. My MRI showed everything intact and also states no swelling. Ha. The swelling is like someone with chf and I have been given water pills. Hello…..let me get dehydrated and lose all my sodium and potassium due to the real problem causing the edema. I am about to lose my job of 15 yrs due to can’t keep up then apace. Sad, I am a physical therapist that can get NO answers but I have the answers and no dr will look into it. An Mir keeps your foot and ankle in a fixed position and doesn’t show the real problem. Because things are intact doesn’t mean that their is not a problem.

My right foot is affected and now it I causing so mNy other problems, hip pain on the left, back pain, tight hip flexors on the right, and on and on.

The first ortho took one x Ray on my ankle and one on my back and immediate said it was coming from my back. I have no back problems, until now. It is coming from my back and the compensation is causing the posturL changes which is causing back and bio problems. I have no radioculpathy on the sciatic nerve and am getting so frustrated. It is a true problem with either the peronials, or the fibula.

Bradley, I was hoping to see how you are doing? I am glad to know I am not the only one but I hate that there is someone else who appears to have gone through the same thing. Just hoping to see where you are at even with this being an older thread.