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Thank you very much the two of you for your input, i will look into all of this and do my best, ill also take it easy with the vibrams at the beggining and just wear them from time to time.

Im working on some of the hip mobility exercises daily, as well as the ankle, so hopefully ill see results soon enough, is there any specific hip exercises you would reccomend?
About the knee… it used to hurt specially when i was a kid, when i keps the knee in a flexed position for a long time, or when i ran a lot and stuff like this, but as i grew up and became more fit and gained a better posture it dissapeared, usually it doesntbother me, just on some occations when i fully extend my knee or when i lockout on a pistol position and try to go up from the bottom (just the flat footed one). Ill work on my hip, feet and posture, and see if it improves, hypermobility seems like a possibility.. im not sure though, what could i do about it?
I would also lik to add, that my right knee (the one that ocasionally hurts) constantly cracks, or pops if you know what i mean.. soemtimes im just laying down with my legs extended and when i flex my right knee it goes “crrk” i feel it but its painless.