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AvatarDavid O’Connor

Thanks for the reply!  I find myself having similar symptoms to the one you mentioned, but I think the only difference is that when I squat anything over 200 lbs, I can feel the right psoas swell like balloon.  Fish oil isn’t something I’ve considered yet, but it sounds like a great idea.  I’ve also thought about getting some epsom salts and sitting in the jacuzzi tub for a while.  

I will definitely start foam rolling the quads, like you mentioned.  I have noticed that when I do the barbell smashing on the inner and anterior thigh/quad area, I feel great afterwards (until I go to bed and wake up!)  I think hitting the quads more often with less intensity might be a good idea.  Thanks for that insight!
For the past week, I’ve started to go a lot lighter on the mob stuff pre-workout, and only hit the rough areas for a minute or two to get loose, but not try to make any drastic change right before I work out.  I will do you what you suggest and try doing some post-workout.  This is something I haven’t tried, but sounds like it may be beneficial.
I have noticed that my IT bands are a little tight – definitely not to the point where I think there may be an injury, but they do seem like they are impinging some motion.  Do you know of any MWODs that help the IT band?  I dont’ think I’ve come across any yet.