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AvatarTravis Wyant

Oh wow – thank you for that 🙂

I’ve only just started on this supple leopard journey as I have totally re-built my training programme, from just pounding away in the gym 5 times per week, to one heavy lifting session and one global metabolic conditioning session where I perform super slow reps trying to ingrain the absolute correct form throughout the repetitions.

Some basic info on me (I will try to keep it short yet detailed enough):

39 years old. I developed Perthe’s Disease in my right hip at age of 9 (which is relatively late and causes more problems). My right leg is now around 1.5cm shorter that my left because of this. My external rotation of this hip is impinged (I don’t know if it’s structural, incredible tightness or probably both), as I’ve gone through life, my body has adapted to this position, so my ankle collapses a lot easier on the right side. Even at rest, if I let my legs just hang, my right foot as actually sitting at a more supinated angle due to this over compensation, so it’s super tight. (check out this picture of me performing a pass in hockey and look at what my right ankle does subconsciously as it’s stable position)

so I do have tight hips in the general sense also. I’ve already started doing some of Kelly’s exercises (especially the super squat hip sequence video) that build upon psoas activated lunge positions from my yoga.

As I’m trying to rebuild every key movement, especially my squat (front and back) / deadlift / overhead press I’ve really noticed all the tightness and local flexion in my system, which is what brought me to Kelly Starrett in the first place. I’m also doing yoga which is really helping.

you can also see from the other pic, that when I’m driving off on my right foot, it’s natural subconscious position is right out, collapsed ankle, knee inwards.

I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, but even at my age, I’m determined to get back to a point where the only thing that’s limiting my mobility is the structural things that I can no longer improve, and not merely tightness or lazy soft tissues.

I’m thinking of doing a one-on-one consult via mobility Wod (once I’ve worked through the book and started practicing the techniques in there) but I think the most beneficial thing to me would be travel over and do it in person (any excuse for a ‘holiday’)