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iron_tiger, Almost completely convinced. 

I don’t think my over all movement quality is an issue as I’ve addressed many of the area’s suggested above and in terms of my mobility. I’ve got good capacity in my hips in all other ranges of motion. Without being a complete asshole I can achieve the front splits on both sides (this means extension and flexion are good enough) and am working on the side splits (abduction) which is pretty close to the floor at this stage. I am capable of holding long duration L-sits and press handstands, which lets you know that my range isn’t just passive but I am strong there as well. I can achieve the full squat and I’m comfortable there for long periods of time – up to 10 minutes. I can achieve the full squat with a bar over head. I can achieve the full squat with feet together. The only range I’m having difficulty with is INTERNAL ROTATION. And I’m constantly working on it but results are not coming.  

If you go back you will see I did respond to Kaitlin.

As for your last paragraph I’m constantly looking at my own movement. Specifically what movement would be useful for me to film as a diagnostic?