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AvatarZachary Daines

I wonder if anyone is following this thread because I have much to add.  Over 32 years I have seen 18 doctors about groin pain and most of them offered no opinion while one or two misdiagnosed it.  When I caused a bad and lasting flair up a year ago it became apparent that the problem was my psoas, which doctors know little about, and it seems that those of you here are describing psoas injuries.  I have done enough research on this muscle to do a masters thesis.  My symptoms have included but are not limited to: general groin pain (sharp) which occurs after rather than during exercise in many cases or from simply walking; discomfort while sitting with a “fullness” in the groin area; extremely painful external rotation of the leg; pain when foam rolling my rectus femoris; sleeping with my leg hiked; internal snapping hip.  Google Thomas test to determine psoas tightness.    Sit straight up in a chair and lift your straightened leg completely off it.  If you experience groin pain it’s due to psoas tendonitis. 

For strengthening, use a theraband on your foot while lying on your back.  Place one hand under your lower back and pull your knee past 90 deg. and hold for 2-3 sec.  2 sets of 10, both legs for balance.  Train your glutes also.
For release, get a lacrosse ball and roll your femoral triangle with it.  If you are in pain you will find it with this.
For stretching/mobility:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g70Jq2NjQwY.  You can do the stretch shown separately.
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