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AvatarAntonio DeAscanis

@Sheldoneous I know this is an older post, but I’m having the exact same pain and issues! Mine has been occurring for several months now, and was brought on by a ‘squat test’ at my gym, where we try to sit in the bottom of a squat, comfortably, with our chests up for around 4-5 minutes. I’ve always had difficulty coming out of a ‘squat test’, and I sort of have to tumble out of it, and let my hips/legs re-group before standing up all the way again, but this time resulted in an unreal and unshakable pain, that took minutes to ease up. Now it always comes back when I go back into that sort of position. I usually only feel it when doing squats (no more squat tests for me!) but it goes away right after. Heavier squats create the same pain, but because those exercises are quick movements for me, I’m in and out of the position and the discomfort goes away. Pause Squats are out of the question, too. 🙁 The REAL issue is when I’m um ‘with my husband’ and regardless of position, when my left hip/leg is bent past parallel and opened for a prolonged period of time (same with frog pose in yoga, for a non-sexual reference!). It’s painful and it hasn’t gotten better, even with time off (like a week+). I’m discouraged by PTs and doctors, since it’s always a “rest and we’ll see” prognosis, it seems like. I wanted to see if your pain went away, and if so, how did you go about it? 🙂 I’ve tried stretching, foam rolling, rest.. I’m over it. 🙁 Thank you!!